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Expertise and experience

From design to final realization

Since 1982

Cutting-edge Technology


From design to the final product

Svea Stampi makes available its competence and experience for the development and creation of quality and competitive solutions in the global marketplace thanks to the selection of the most suitable materials for the specific product, the selection and study of the kind of fuelling through the filling and flow temperature simulation, the solutions for the conditioning of the thermichal of the mould and the mould semplification.

Experience in design for mould construction has allowed to acquire a highly specialised know-how over the years, able to offer a high quality service and product

We choose the best materials for your needs

Steels for hot machining, hardened and tempered according to the best thermal treatments procedures.
These are available in various formulations to best optimize the die-casting mould life.

Mould dimensions and personalized requests

We design moulds with dimensions up to 1450 x 1200 mm for machines with a closure strength up to 1500 tons.
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